Breaking Up With Fall

Dear Fall, 

Or Autumn. I’m never quite sure which name you prefer. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe I’ve gotten it wrong and have offended you. 

We’ve had a good run. We made a good go of it. We had many good years together, but you have turned hot-tempered toward me. I’m not sure why. You say things are changing, but I didn’t change. 

Do you remember those Septembers of years past when we’d take a hike through the leaf-covered mountains or sit outside together with a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool breeze? As we head into a warm October soon, those days of feeling the cool breeze on my face and smelling the crisp leaves in the air seem like lifetimes ago. 

Confession time: You had always been my favorite. Had. If things don’t change (and soon) I may have to choose a new favorite. I had always loved you for your sweatshirt temps and bonfires and hayrides, but you seem to be taking that all away from me. Why? 

So this is the precursor to our breakup. Call it an ultimatum, if you like, though I’m not big on ultimatums. But, Fall darling, something needs to change. I’ll give us another week or two, but after that I’m choosing Spring. Spring has never let me down with her gorgeous colors that pop up after the grey, even though she brings allergies with it. 

I hope this isn’t the end. I hope we’re able to spend time together again before Winter comes. It’s been a year since I’ve seen you!! I miss you. Please come back to me. 



Breaking Up With Fall -- Bravery Rising


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