My 2-Week Quick-Purge Challenge

I am in a season of purging. I want it gone. All of it. There’s just way too much stuff in this space.

For me, and for many, stuff inhibits my creativity, my thinking, and my peace. It adds stress. It adds noise. And it creates more places for dust to land and more things for me to clean up or live around. I’m done.

I think I’ve been more of a gradual minimalist. This is partly due to having kids and partly because stuff always finds its way in. But school is starting back up soon and I’m determined to get stuff out before school stuff comes in.

I refuse to let school stuff take over my house this year. I honestly wish the school would just give me updates in an email once a week rather than sending paper home every day of the week. Why is there So. Much. Paper?!!?

I had looked up a few Minimalist Challenges on Pinterest, but they were all 30 or 60 day challenges. Who has time for that? I need it out NOW! I’m also the type of person that once I start I don’t want to stop. And honestly, a 30-day long challenge will likely make me lose momentum a week in.


So I’ve come up with my own purge challenge. A quick, 14- day challenge. That’s two weeks, people!! We can do this! This is some serious purging. And we can get it done by the time the school bell rings, or at least pretty darn close to it. Let’s get started!

First of all, the challenge each day was based on my own needs, so feel free to substitute a different area if you need to, and don’t feel like you have to go in order. Some days the challenge may be more time intensive than others, so you may need to save those for the weekends.

quick purge.jpg


Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg Declutter FAST before school starts with this 2-week challenge!


Today I completed Day 1. I went ahead and did the top of my fridge too because it’s been driving me crazy. I filled a couple of good sized boxes with books and even tossed a couple of old computers that didn’t work anymore. Not sure why I still had them.


I got rid of some paper and books and filled notebooks that we didn’t need. It makes me calmer already.

Will you join me on this 2-week challenge? Follow me on Instagram to see my progress each day! And be sure to pin or share this if you love it!

What area do you most need to purge?



12 thoughts on “My 2-Week Quick-Purge Challenge

  1. Omg I have been doing this same exact thing recently! Today I did my closet and filled 3 bags full of clothes! I drove to Goodwill and they came outside and picked up my stuff! It feels so good to get rid of things you don’t need anymore…. I want to do it once every few months to make sure I am actually using everything I have decided to keep. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Aaahhhhh! I love it! Who needs a 60 day purge to just find the declittered spaces all cluttered again by the time you’re done? I need to get started on this asap.

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