Bravery Rising


I have been wanting to rename this blog for awhile now. I was bored of the other, and it just didn’t represent what I was wanting. So today I’m debuting my new blog name: Bravery Rising.

The name I chose incorporates the meaning of my name, my story, parenting, and faith. You can ready more about it on my about page, if you’d like. Basically, the idea is that I want to live with bravery and want to teach others to do so also, especially my daughters. I try not to be the mom who constantly says (or shouts) “be careful!” I want my daughters to take risks and be adventurous, even if that means getting hurt now and then.

I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure.

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9 thoughts on “Bravery Rising

  1. What a perfect name! I love it. I feel you on the parenting, I’m always telling them to be careful too and then on the other side I’m telling them to go out and do the new things trying to Adventures.

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