Stone Reminders

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day. I’ve struggled a bit today with that realization. Mother’s Day has been a hard day for me, really, since my very first Mother’s Day as a mother, and it’s because I’ve always done it alone. Seeing everyone celebrating Mother’s Day with their families is hard for me, and sometimes I have to force myself to leave the house on that day. Although, Father’s Day doesn’t fare much better. But this afternoon, while I was getting down on myself, fully aware of my aloneness, and feeling a bit pitiful, I look over to see something I started working on this week —

I decided that rather than feeling badly about what I feel like I’m lacking, I’ll be glad and grateful for what I already have. Awhile back I wrote about Ebenezers — what they were, why they were needed, etc. Well, here are my current Ebenezers. I bought some polished black rocks from Dollar Tree and, with a white paint pen, started writing answered prayers on them and other things God has done for me and my girls, lest I forget who He is and what He has done and what He can do again. Sometimes I forget and then I start to panic and get anxious when I should just be trusting, because “the God who got us here will get us there, the God who did this will do that.” 

I’m just getting started with my stones. No doubt, I have more to add from the past and will have more to add in days to come, but I don’t want to forget what He has done. I also want my girls to have visual reminders of what God has done for us.


Also this week, we have started a couple other things. We have started a prayer box and a promise box. The prayer box is where we will deposit written prayers and worries. Give them to God and leave them in His hands. Maybe every few months we’ll take the strips of paper out of the box and see how God has answered our prayers and met our needs. Then our promise box has index cards with promises of God written on them. Each morning we take a card out of the box, read it, and put it on the fridge for the day, reviewing it throughout the day. This is to remind us that “He who promised is faithful!” God always keeps His promises, and I want us to be reminded of His promises for us.


So there it is. Do you do anything like this? I’d be curious to hear about your Ebenezers or ways to incorporate scripture into your home.


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