The Rainbow After The Storm


Does anyone else go out searching for rainbows after a storm? I’m often going out after the rain stops and the sun comes out and am looking for the rainbow through the mist.

It rained Friday afternoon. Actually, it poured Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful day Friday, and then late that afternoon we had a downpour and it just came out of nowhere. That’s how storms work sometimes though, isn’t it? You’re just cruisin’ along with your windows down and gorgeous weather and then BAM! it hits. It becomes hard to see through the wall of rain and the roaring thunder shakes you.

Have you ever had a metaphorical storm like that? One that completely blindsides you. One that shakes you. One that makes you lose your balance. I sure have. And I’m usually trying to find the rainbows after those storms too. Those rainbows are sometimes harder to find though. They’re not always as obvious, but those are the ones our souls need to look for the most. It may come in the form of an encouraging word, a gift, much needed laughter, or even something as simple as a smile from a stranger.

I like the sudden storms in nature, as long as they don’t bring hail or tornadoes with it. They make the grass look so much greener and the flowers look so much brighter. The colors just seem to intensify after one of those quick storms. I love feeling the warm raindrops burst on my skin. And, of course, that smell. It’s like a mix of fresh water, freshly cut grass, and flowers all rolled into one. You know the smell. So yeah, I like those storms. It’s the life storms I have more trouble with. In the moment, I don’t find them nearly as refreshing, but they’re needed for growth and beauty also. They can strengthen us, renew our spirit and our faith. They can show us how strong we are, and they can show us how far we’ve come. And once the storm passes, the world may seem fresh and bright, in a way that it didn’t before.

So the next time a storm tries to blow you over, when it’s done, go out and look for the rainbows. They’ll be there waiting for you.



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